1Mobile.com Releases 1Mobile Market for Android, A Free Application Emporium

December 10, 2010 01:16 AM
The 1Mobile Market team is dedicated to selecting and showcasing the best applications the Android Market has to offer. Just like our slogan says, we want Android users to discover the perfect apps to build their mobile lives.

Industry Background

Booming growth in the applications industry has gradually transformed the Android Marketplace has into an overcrowded dumpsite. With more than 170,000 applications, sorting junk from quality, and clutter from relevance, has become an overwhelming and time-consuming chore. (Androlib, 3 Dec. 2010. http://www.androlib.com/appstats.aspx ) The endless steam of third-party products is drowning consumers in choice.

Android users want an efficient, reliable means of finding the most ideal, quality
applications for their lives. Consequently, “application emproiums” are the biggest demand in today’s applications industry.

Who is 1Mobile?

1Mobile seeks to create the best free applications emporium in the Android Marketplace. We guide users to the highest quality, most ideal applications for their interests, needs, or tastes at any given moment.

We are committed to constant self-improvement, simplicity, and personalized, safe, reliable service. We want to help every Android user find and maintain the unique, collection of applications that realizes his or her phone’s full potential.

Ultimately, we want users to get the greatest possible value out of their Android phones.

What does the 1Mobile Market offer Android users?

The 1Mobile Market helps Android users discover the perfect applications for their unique, mobile life. In the 1Mobile Market, users have the opportunity to transform their Android phones into powerful personal assistants.

At 1Mobile.com, Android users can :
Download specific applications and games. Android users looking for the latest Angry Birds release or the official Facebook mobile application can enter a query in the 1Mobile search box, view results, and download.
Find the best application for a particular need or interest. Users with a general idea of what they want can read recommendations for help finding the best applications and games for their needs or tastes. Discover new, interesting, and useful applications. Users can browse or search for Topic Articles that interest them. They can read about Android applications that will enhance their work, social, leisure, and personal life.

1Mobile Highlights

Free Applications Emporium
Free applications
Reliable mobile site
Safe downloads
Authoritative Applicaton and Game Recommendations
Undiscovered gems
Basic essentials
Handpicked by our editors

1Mobile Topic Articles

For many users, Android applications express their personalities and transform their phones into personal logos.

1Mobile Market’s distinguishing feature is its vast collection of Topic Articles, recommending applications and games for Android users of all backgrounds, personalities, and lifestyles. They cover topics ranging from the college freshman experience to the G-Sensor to metal music and offer download advice for those looking to relax or have fun, solve problems, increase productivity, socialize, entertain themselves, and much more. New articles are published everyday and the range of topics is as boundless as the stream of free Android applications they feature.

Below are some examples of 1Mobile Topic Articles for special interest Android users and recommendations for how those users might integrate their Android and life:

Outdoor Explorers. Whether it’s hiking Mt. Everest or exploring their own backwoods, some Android users love the outdoors almost as much as their phones.1Mobile recommends the best applications to:
Select an area to explore
Pick a campsite
Map their routes
Check the local forecast
Pack for an expedition
Reference guides and wikis
Heed advice and warnings from other explorers
Cope with emergencies
Record their adventures
Share their memories

Family Men and Women. As much as they care about their phones, many Android users care most about building a happy, healthy home.For the Android users who know that family comes first, 1Mobile recommends applications to:
Find healthy, interesting recipes
Reference guides and wikis
Create memories
Connect with their children and spouse at any time, in any place
Discover local family-friendly events
Record family memories
Share family moments

Metalheads. Some Android users feel most relaxed at the heart of a dark, raging moshpit of pure, thrashing noise. For the darker Android souls, 1Mobile recommends the best applications to:
Discover new metal music
Listen to and watch metal anywhere, anytime
Follow favorite artists and bands
Get the most out of metal festivals
Read the latest heavy metal news

Slogan: Discover the perfect apps to build your mobile life.
To trust the power of science and technology .
To trust 1Mobile Market Team
To lead a comfortable and easy mobile life.
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