Plimus Introduces Local Currency Bank Transfers

February 19, 2008 09:49 AM
SAN DIEGO, CA – February 19, 2008 – Plimus, Inc., a global e-commerce solutions provider, today announced that it has introduced local bank transfers as an alternative payment method. Thousands of online vendors entrust their e-commerce to Plimus, and this addition is expected to swiftly increase customer purchase conversion rates and boost sales volumes.

“We are laser-focused on delivering the features independent vendors require to grow their e-business revenues globally,” commented Guy Wilnai, SVP of Business Development for Plimus. “Adding local currency bank transfers for more countries and currencies than any other provider in the marketplace clearly demonstrates our commitment to this goal.”

Using local currency bank transfers, customers of Plimus vendor products are able to make purchases without needing to provide personal financial information online. They simply provide a Plimus reference number to their local bank when arranging the transfer, and their purchase is completed as soon as the bank finalizes the transaction.

This payment option is particularly popular in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, among several others. To meet this demand, the new Plimus option will cover 40 countries, including a full 27 currencies.

“Local currency bank transfers are extremely popular in many of the geographies where Plimus vendors sell most of their product,” explained Tal Moshayov, VP of Development at Plimus. “By making it easier for shoppers to make their final buying decision, we anticipate many of our vendors will swiftly see significant growth in their sales volumes.”

Plimus vendors do not see any increase in their fees for this additional payment method, and many will see a positive uptick in their sales volumes as a result of its availability.

“Used in conjunction with our ability to set currency-specific prices, this capability will allow Plimus vendors to set themselves apart as global leaders in their markets,” said Simon Jones, Marketing Director for Plimus. “As the world shrinks, it is increasingly vital that independent vendors take advantage of the same opportunities for growth that the world’s largest firms use to maximize their results. We believe we are now putting Plimus vendors in position to compete ever more strongly.”

About Plimus, Inc.
Plimus, Inc., a global e-commerce solutions provider, builds and manages online businesses for thousands of software publishers, web hosting companies and online retailers. Plimus helps companies and publishers of all sizes maximize online revenues and reduce the costs and risks of running an e-commerce operation.

The company's award-winning platform offers order management, fraud protection, export controls, tax management, physical and digital product fulfillment, multi-currency and multi-language support, advanced reporting services, marketing tools, licensing management, an affiliate network, and much more.

Founded in 2001, the privately held Plimus is the winner of the 2006 Software Vendor Awards for Most Innovative Software E-commerce Service, Best Software E-commerce Customer Service & Support, and Best Overall Software E-commerce Value. Plimus is headquartered in San Diego, CA.

Author: SImon Jones
Company: Plimus